A N J A   P A P U G A-

Anja (1999) is a photographer, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her main interest revolves around human emotion, seeing the human form as an inseparable part of nature, especially in connection to the element of water. Growing up in the space of theatre and poetry inspired her visual language to intuitively blend the aesthetic experience with intention and the presence of her subject.
2023 // Free Bodies, Imagenation Paris 2023, Galerie Joseph Le Palais
2022 // Origins, UKM, Festival fotografije Maribor
2022 // PTL, festival UK[REP] 
2022 // Gently drawing closer, Lok4cija, Ljubljana
2022 //  HOMODEUS, Galerija Mostovna, Nova Gorica
2022 // Gently drawing closer, Lok4cija, Ljubljana
2021 // Gently drawing closer, Park Evropa, Kamnik
2021 // Life is a palette of colors, Morja Zala, GT31, Ljubljana
2021 // balans, Fotovizije, Libertas, Koper
2021 // Theia, freŠn, Ljubljana
2021 // kLAK, Maske, Laško
2020 // Fotosofia 15, Archaeological Museum in Zagreb
A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.
- Annie Leibovitz -